Polymeric Materials

Polymeric Materials


Polymers are an incredibly versatile class of materials that includes natural polymers—e.g., proteins and polysaccharides—and synthetic polymers such as polyethylene. Polymers are all around us; they are found in our clothing, cars, computers, shampoos, diapers, packaging, etc. In addition, they are crucial components of many advanced applications in energy, filtration, tissue engineering, and nanomedicine. At UF we engineer polymers to deepen our fundamental understanding of their physical behavior and to solve problems in energy storage, healthcare, and sustainability.


Photo of Josephine B. Allen Josephine AllenProfessor, Genzyme Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Work 496 Wertheim Lab for Engineering Excellence (352) 846-3328

Ph.D., 2009, Northwestern University

Research Interests: Stem Cell Engineering; Directed Stem Cell differentiation, Cell Materials Interactions; Tissue Engineering; Regenerative Medicine

Lab Website: Allen Research Group

Photo of Jennifer S. Andrew Jennifer AndrewProfessor, Margaret A. Ross Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Work 170 Rhines Hall (352) 846-3345

Ph.D., 2008, University of California, Santa Barbara

Research Interests: nanomaterials, nanocomposites for electronic and biomedical applications, magnetic materials, multiferroics, polymers

Lab Website: Andrew Research Group

Photo of Guilhem De Hoe Guilhem De HoeAssistant Professor
Work 162 Rhines Hall (352) 273-0264

Ph.D., 2019, University of Minnesota

Research Interests: Dynamic Networks, Polyesters, and Biodegradation

Photo of Angelika Neitzel Angelika NeitzelRhines Rising Star Robert DeHoff Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Work Rhines 216 (352) 294-6609

Ph.D., 2017, University of Minnesota

Research Interests: polymer synthesis; structure and phase behavior of charged polymer blends and solutions; small angle scattering; rheology and additive manufacturing

Photo of Jiangeng Xue Jiangeng XueProfessor
Work 237A Rhines Hall (352) 846-3775

Ph. D., 2005, Princeton University

Research Interests: Nanostructured electronic materials, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, surfaces and interfaces, energy materials, photovoltaic cells, light-emitting diodes and other optoelectronic devices

Lab Website: Xue Research Group