Welcome from the Chair

Welcome from the Chair

Headshot of Department Chair Dr. Michele Manuel in a blue shirt

Materials are the building blocks for society and often something we take for granted by simply not thinking about them. The reality is materials are all around us, and they are central to human growth and improvement. Across the world, materials are making it possible for rural communities to have clean drinking water and for providing access to safer and more sustainable energy sources. Materials open up the door for new technologies because they are an integral aspect of all engineering fields, including nuclear, chemical, electrical and biomedical engineering.

Here, in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, we are involved in developing new materials, finding new applications for existing materials and solving critical issues with flawed materials. The success of the curriculum is rooted in theory of engineering and combined with hands-on laboratory application. We believe research is teaching, and students are actively and deeply involved in research projects that push engineering forward.

Our strength arises from our commitment to excellence in teaching and research. We send our students into internships and jobs prepared to be successful and as a result we have companies returning to us to hire our graduates. We have developed a strong and loyal alumni network and take pride in the many accomplishments of our alumni.  

Whether you are interested in pursuing research or professional studies in Materials Science and Engineering or Nuclear Engineering, you will find a wealth of knowledge from richly experienced faculty. We welcome students who are curious about the world around them and who want to make positive change through materials science and engineering.

Our department is steeped in tradition but has an eye on the future. We hope you will be a part of our future and look forward to having you join us on campus.

Michele V. Manuel, Ph.D.,
Department Chair