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The Department of Materials Science & Engineering provides a vibrant, multidisciplinary and highly collaborative environment, and is consistently ranked among the top departments for both graduate and undergraduate programs. This department is among the largest MSE departments in the nation, with 38 faculty members, over 200 graduate students, and nearly 300 undergraduates. Research is central to the success of the program, and new faculty will be expected to initiate and sustain strong sponsored research and graduate training programs.

Nuclear Engineering Program Director

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering invites applicants for the position of Director of the Nuclear Engineering (NE) Program and Professorship.

The Role: The Director of the NE program supervises the program and bears the responsibility for upholding program excellence. As a steward of the academic, research, and service endeavors of the program and the leader of a diverse, interdisciplinary community of students, faculty, and staff, NE Program Director responsibilities will include:

  • Crafting a forward-looking vision for the program’s growth and advancement in every facet of academic and research excellence.
  • Elevating the program’s profile through strategic partnerships with industry.
  • Enhancing the academic program’s reputation through strategic collaborations, outreach, and achievements to foster increased peer engagement and recognition.
  • Spearheading innovative, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative research initiatives.
  • Implementing a targeted outreach strategy to foster increased collaboration and partnership opportunities, encouraging external stakeholders to proactively seek collaboration on research proposals and initiatives with our nuclear engineering program.
  • Fostering an environment that promotes inclusivity and professional growth amongst faculty, students, and staff.

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Assel Aitkaliyeva, Ph.D., Associate Professor