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Guidance for PhD Dissertation Defense:

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of deadline dates set by the Graduate School.

  • Notify the Student Support Services Office (S3) at least five business days prior to defense. (You may not hold your defense if you have not given proper notification to S3.)
  • On your defense date the entire supervisory  committee must attend and examine; two internal MSE members may be substituted if necessary
  • Chair and external member may not be substituted.
  • On the day of the defense the student’s file must be picked up by a member of the  supervisory committee and returned to S3 within one business day.
  • Apply for your degree by filing out a degree application on Student Self Service, this must be done before the deadline posted by UF each term (see UF Registrar’s Office website)
  • Refer to the ETD website for submission information and current deadline dates
  • Register for a minimum 3 credits EMA7980 in  final term for fall/spring graduation ( 2 credits EMA7980 for summer)
  • Comply with Graduate School rules, thesis/dissertation and final examination deadlines.
  • Complete the departmental employment questionnaire and exit checklist and return it to the ASO.

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Computer Requirements

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Guidance for Internship process

Undergraduate Students:

Make sure that you submit Request for Internship with attached letter of offer prior to the drop/add deadline. We will not issue retroactive internship grades.

You will be given appropriate section number to register for.

Once you are nearing the completion of your internship, make sure that you submit  Student Work Report and that you supervisor submits Employer’s Student Evaluation Form. Both forms are needed in order for grades to be submitted.

Graduate Students:

Complete and submit the EGN5949- Request for Internship form with your letter of offer from company. The completed form must be submitted no later than two weeks to first day of classes in fall, spring, or summer C.

  • If approves, ASO will give you permission and e-mail you instructions for registering for EGN5949
  • It is the student’s responsibly to register for EGN5949 and pay tuition by the UF deadlines.

International students registering for internship credits must also follow guidelines set by the University of Florida International Office (UFIC) for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). These guidelines, instructions and forms are on the UFIC website.

Students and their employers must fill out evaluation forms no later than the last day of classes for the term for grading purposes.

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Minor in Materials:

Minor in Materials Science and Engineering- the department follows the guidelines of the Graduate School


Minor: With the supervisory committee’s approval, the student may choose one or more minor fields. Minor work may be completed in any academic unit outside the major if approved for master’s or doctoral programs listed in this catalog. The collective grade for courses included in a minor must be B (3.00 truncated) or higher.

If one minor is chosen, the supervisory committee member representing the minor suggests 12 to 24 credits of courses numbered 5000 or higher as preparation for a qualifying examination. Part of this credit may have been earned in the master’s program. If two minors are chosen, each must include at least 8 credits. Competence in the minor is demonstrated by written examination by the minor academic unit, or by the oral qualifying examination.

Minor course work at the doctoral level may include courses in more than one academic unit if the objective of the minor is clearly stated and the combination of courses is approved by the Graduate School (this approval is not required for a minor in one academic unit).


Minor: Minor work must be in an academic unit other than the major. If a student earns more than one course from an academic unit contributing to the major of another, the student is not eligible to earn a minor from the contributing academic unit. If a minor is chosen, at least 6 credits of work are required in the minor field. Two 6-credit minors may be taken with the major academic unit’s permission. A 3.00 (truncated) GPA is required for minor credit.


  • Degree audit will be done by the midpoint of fall semester in your senior year.
  • Make sure to apply by degree application deadline in Student Self Service.
  • Complete the Online ABET Exit Interview and Exit Checklist by last day of courses in the semester that you graduate.

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Department Academic Coordinators

John Mecholsky
MSE Undergraduate Coordinator
(352) 846-3306
Wolfgang Sigmund
MSE Graduate Coordinator
(352) 846-3343
DuWayne Schubring
NE Undergraduate Coordinator
(352) 292-7870
Justin Watson
NE Graduate Coordinator
(352) 273-0241

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