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Program Objectives

The Department of Materials Science is dedicated to preparing students to have successful industry or academic-based careers in Materials Science and Engineering, Nuclear Engineering or related disciplines. Whether you join us on campus or online, or select our program as your major or minor, below you will find information to help you through your academic journey. You can also read through our Undergraduate Handbook.


So you want to major in Materials Science and Engineering or Nuclear Engineering? Great! If you declared Materials Science and Engineering or Nuclear Engineering as your major in your application to UF and were accepted, then you are in the major and should have received information about advising. If you have not declared the department as your major, go to the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s Advising Office in Weil Hall (Room 204) to learn how to switch your major.

For Materials Science and Engineering, make sure to take a look at the requirements HERE

For Nuclear Engineering, learn about the requirements HERE

What is a certificate?

In the department, students majoring in materials science have an option to get a certificate related to a specific materials. This provides students with the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge in that material that is related to future academic or job goals. This allows students to be more than materials generalists. Certificates can be earned for: Biomaterials, Ceramics, Electronic Materials, Metals or Polymers.


Materials are the building blocks for most engineering majors, so getting a minor will provide a more well-rounded learning experience to your primary major. If you are interested in minoring in nuclear, this is a growing area to develop more in-depth knowledge, particularly if you are interested in biomedicine and environmental engineering.

To add us as a minor, you will need to fill out this form to Add or Cancel an Undergraduate Minor.

How do I apply?

You will need to obtain a signature from your department to add the minor and then come into our Academic Services Office, 108 Rhines Hall. We will give you some background on the minor and then refer you to see Dr. Gerhard Fuchs. He will assist you in choosing courses in our curriculum which will complement your Bachelor of Science degree.

Requirements for Minor

The minor consists of 15 credit hours of EMA courses; EMA3010 for three hours is required. The other courses will be determined by the MSE or the NE Undergraduate Coordinator and you to complement your BS degree.


The department offers more than 40 undergraduate courses in Materials and Engineering and Nuclear Engineering.

Click Here for the link to scheduled courses.