MSE-NE Advisory Board

MSE-NE Advisory Board

Upon the recommendation of the 1998 Visiting Committee, the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Florida instituted its first external Advisory Board in the fall of 1999. The Board is comprised of industry, government and academic members with vested interests in the department, programs and graduates.


The mission of the MSE-NE Advisory Board is to provide an independent, constructive assessment of the Department programs and activities, including faculty, curricula, students, administration, facilities and equipment, and alumni and industrial relations. In addition, the Board members will be advocates of the Department to the College, University, Trustees and Legislature. They will be proactive in helping the Department acquire resources, recruit students, and provide career opportunities for MSE and NE graduates.


The purpose of the MSE-NE Advisory Board is to:

  1. Provide input and guidance on the Department’s strategic plan.
  2. Provide input to the graduate and undergraduate curricula in terms of degrees, majors, minors, courses, and course sequencing.
  3. Provide input into relevant student activities and external coursework that would benefit a student’s UF experience.
  4. Provide support for the Department in the form of internship and co-op opportunities, graduate and undergraduate research experiences, senior projects, speakers (seminar, class or banquet), equipment, and/or research funding.
  5. Foster development activities in support of the department.
  6. Support the Department through increased awareness of Materials Science & Engineering and Nuclear Engineering at the University of Florida.