Online Master’s Degree

Online Master’s Degree

USNWR Best Online Engineering Master's Program Ranking 2023

EDGE program for distance learning/off-campus study

UF EDGE (Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering) is a Top 10-ranked program aimed at engineers who are looking to advance their careers by enhancing their professional skills with a Master’s degree, engineering professional certificates, and/or short courses but cannot attend our on-campus classes.

In this program, students holding an undergraduate engineering degree who are working full-time can complete the course in as short as 18 months or choose a longer completion time to accommodate their work schedule. The requirements are the same as for any other graduate degree, but courses are offered via streaming video and download for offline viewing.

Engineering professional certificates and/or short courses can be completed in as few as 15 hours.

The Materials Science & Engineering department offers an online Master of Science (Non-Thesis) degree in MSE via EDGE. Students interested in completing their M.S. in MSE degree via EDGE must be admitted into the MSE graduate program. The admission requirements for the M.S. in MSE via EDGE are the same as the admission requirements for our on-campus M.S. programs.

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EDGE MSE Programs listing

Information on setting up EDGE Proctoring

Applying for EDGE

  • Complete the graduate application process.
  • Once completed, the department will review your graduate application file, and a letter regarding the admission decision will be sent to you electronically.

To be eligible for regular admission to the Department of Materials Science & Engineering graduate program, the applicant must hold a B.S. in an appropriate major.

Masters Non-Thesis Program Requirements

  • Required Credit Hours: 30
  • Required: 18 hours of EMA5000-6000 level courses with a minimum grade of C or better and must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Maximum – One approved 3000 level or above undergraduate course (outside the Department)
  • Maximum – 6 credit hours of EMA 6905 – Individual Work
  • Maximum – 6 credit hours of S/U work (includes max. 5 hours of EMA 6910 – Supervised Research)
  • Your overall grade point average for all coursework must be 3.0 or better.
  • Courses cannot have been used for a previous degree.
  • Transfer credits: by petitioning the graduate school, up to 9 credits from another institution. Courses must be graduate-level courses, B or better, applicable to the degree, which may be transferred to the MS program with approval by the graduate coordinator and by petition to the graduate school.
  • Time Limitation: all work, including transferred credits, counted toward the master’s degree must be completed during the seven-year period immediately preceding the date on which the degree is awarded.
  • Supervisory Committee: The graduate coordinator will supervise your M.S. non–thesis degree.
  • MSE Non–Thesis Paper: One (1) month prior to graduation, the graduate coordinator must email the Academic Services Office to let us know that your paper is acceptable for partial fulfillment of the Masters Non-Thesis degree. Guidelines for the Masters Non-Thesis paper may be found here.