MSE Virtual Seminar: Controlled Growth of 2D Materials and Their Electrochemical Applications

Date(s) - 04/19/2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Jin Zhang, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Department of Materials Science and Nanoengineering
Rice University

Dr. Jin Zhang is currently a research scientist working at the Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering of Rice University. He was trained as a materials science Ph.D. from Prof. Jun Lou’s group at Rice University. After he graduated, he stayed in the group as a postdoc to continue his research. Dr. Zhang’s research covers the growth, processing and manufacturing of two-dimensional materials, investigation of their fundamental properties with advanced microscopy and spectroscopy, as well as their application in electrochemical fuel production, water treatment, solar cells and multifunctional coatings.


The rapid development of 2D material-based technologies aiming for their future application in next-generation electronic components and devices as well as electrochemical catalysts and sensors has made great demands in achieving controlled growth during the manufacturing of 2D materials. The status quo technology in chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which is the most widely used method to grow 2D materials, is unable to meet such requirements.

In this presentation, I will highlight a technology I developed combining a highly customized CVD microscope with data science to tackle the challenge of controlled CVD growth. Then I will highlight a lab-on-a-chip platform I developed to get insights into the electrochemical properties of 2D materials made by CVD, to provide valuable information regarding the morphology-property relationship of 2D materials for guiding the growth control. The two highlighted research in this presentation compose an innovative paradigm to enable reverse engineering of 2D materials through growth control.