Semiconductor-Device Microfabrication-Labritory Course Info

UF is proud to offer a hands-on semiconductor-device microfabrication-laboratory course that provides many unique learning experiences:

  • Students will gain hands-on experience with (and appreciate the capabilities and limitations of) the following semiconductor microfabrication processes equipment through weekly laboratory experiments:
    • Photolithography equipment (spinners, exposure tools)
    • Thin-film deposition (thermal evaporation, sputtering)
    • Thin-film wet and dry (plasma-based) etching
    • Material characterization (4-point probe, Hall Effect)
    • Device Characterization (CV)
    • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software for device layout
  • Students will learn about the use of design rules for the fabrication of integrated circuits (IC), micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and other chip-scale devices.
  • Students will learn about the methods and importance of the Design of Experiments (DOE) and other statistical analyses used to maximize the success and minimize the costs of semiconductor-device manufacturing.
  • Students will learn and practice safe laboratory and chemical-handling principles and practice good teamwork principles.


Students interested in this course (EEE 5354L) should be aware of the following 

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  1. The registration process for this off-book course is different (see the attached document for the instructions and forms needed).
  2. The cost per unit for this course is not the same as that for other courses (see the attached document for the rate information)
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