Prospective Undergraduate Students

Prospective Undergraduate Students

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Progression to Graduation

Every student is expected to make satisfactory progress toward graduation each semester. Students who fail to make satisfactory progress may be required to seek advisement, mandated to meet specific conditions in order to continue in the major, or denied further registration in the department. Universal Tracking for MSE Majors: Students in terms 1-4 are required to meet the critical-tracking criteria for our major. For more information about universal tracking, refer to the MSE major information in the undergraduate catalog. Additional Progression Standards: All MSE students must meet these standards:

  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher for all three (3) gpas; cumulative, upper-division and departmental courses.
    • Probation: students who fail to maintain a 2.0 grade point average in any of the three mentioned above are placed on college probation. Students on probation are subject to the following regulations:
      • Complete a probation contract prior to the end of drop/add the subsequent semester to the probationary status.
      • May only be on probation two semesters
  • Fulfill the requirements for the degree in a reasonable number of semesters; additional study is permitted only with the undergraduate coordinator’s approval and is usually limited to fulfillment of unmet degree requirements.
  • Graduate in a timely fashion. Any student who has completed all of the academic requirements for the degree, but who has not obtained the degree, could be denied further registration in the department.
  • When students receive an email from the University informing them of their registration appointment for the next term, they should consult their degree audit on Student Self Service. The degree audit outlines the requirements for the degree and indicates whether or not a student has met each requirement. Students should utilize their degree audit to monitor their academic progress each term.
  • Each semester, the College of Engineering (COE) places a registration hold on the COE students.
  • The department emails students informing them of the times to come into the Academic Services Office for undergraduate advising to have this hold removed. Upper-division students who are on-track and are making satisfactory progress towards their degree may email to request the hold be removed provided the email contains the courses that match their academic plan for that semester.


Title Deadline
Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship October 9, 2007
The National GEM Consortium April 15, 2008
Jacob K. Javits Fellowships Program October 1, 2008
Soros Fellowships November 1, 2008
Link Foundation December 1, 2008
NSF East Asia & Pacific Summer Institutes December 9, 2008
American Society for Non-destructive Testing December 15, 2008
National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship January 5, 2009
Semiconductor Research Corporation February 13, 2009
University-Industry Demonstration Partnership May 1, 2009
NSF Fellowship November 2, 2009