Photo of Thad Adams

Thad Adams

Savannah River National Laboratory


University of Tennessee, Bachelor of Science, Materials Science & Engineering

University of Florida, Masters of Science, Materials Science & Engineering

University of Florida, Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering

Thad M. Adams is the Savannah River National Laboratory Director of Strategic Development and Innovation. Dr. Adams is developing the advanced manufacturing competency at SRNL, with specific emphasis on process intensification, smart manufacturing, and enterprise modeling in support of programmatic initiatives. In addition, he is helping develop strategic partnerships, infrastructure and resources to advance the continued emergence and transformation of SRNL into the nation’s preeminent nuclear chemical manufacturing laboratory.

With more than 15 years of experience in Materials Research and Development, Dr. Adams is an expert in physical metallurgy and process of beryllium alloys, advanced nuclear fuel development and testing, spent nuclear fuel storage and disposal and materials for hydrogen and hydrogen isotope service. He has authored more than 35 technical papers and reports related to materials development and testing and has two pending patent disclosures related to materials for hydrogen service. Dr. Adams’ most recent research focused on understanding the effects of hydrogen on materials and developing new materials and technologies for hydrogen service applications. He has investigated mechanical and fracture testing of materials for hydrogen vessels and pipelines, hydrogen permeation barrier coating materials and application technologies, the development of advanced hydrogen separation membranes and the development of technical bases for hydrogen codes and standards.