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Kevin Jones

Distinguished Professor, Frederick N. Rhines Professor of Materials Science & EngineeringMaterials Science & Engineering
Work 160 Rhines Hall Work Phone: (352) 846-3301Website: Swamp GroupWebsite: Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS) is on Instagram!


Ph. D., 1987, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests: Semiconductor Processing and electron microscopy characterization; Ion implantation of Si, Ge and compound semiconductors; Li ion battery anode and cathode development

Lab Website: Swamp Group

Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS) is on Instagram!

Dr. Kevin S. Jones is a Distinguished Professor and holds the Fredrick N Rhines Chair in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at UF. He received his BS in MSE from the University of Florida in 1980 and his MS and PhD in MSE in 1987 from the U.C. Berkeley. He has spent the past 35 years as a professor at the University of Florida studying electronic materials. He has published over 400 technical articles, most focusing on defects that form during the processing of semiconductors. He has graduated over 50 Ph.D. students, virtually all of whom are working in the semiconductor industry.  He is a fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS), the American Society of Materials (ASM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).  He has won many awards including the 1990 Presidential Young Investigator Award from NSF, the 2013 North American SEMI Award and the 2018 North America Award for Outstanding Contributions to Materials Education.  In 2018 he was named the UF Teacher/Scholar of the Year (the highest award given at UF) and in 2020 he received the Michael Ashby Outstanding Materials Educator Award from ASEE for the development of The Impact of Materials on Society Class.


Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS) is on Instagram! @Dr.Jones_UF and #UF_IMOS