Photo of Jess Atkins

Jess Atkins

Exelon Nuclear


Jess Atkins, MBA, has been working in nuclear power plants for the last decade.  While in nuclear power, Jess has worked as a corporate systems engineer, plant systems engineer, plant design engineer, auxiliary operator, responsible engineer (lead project engineer) and assistant project manager. From Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) training to designing and implementing new systems at the plant to replacing legacy systems like the turbine generator and the automatic voltage regulator, Jess has a wealth of knowledge of nuclear power plant life. Currently, Jess is the lead engineer for the polar crane replacement at Surry Power Station as a part of their Subsequent License Renewal. Subsequent License Renewal is the agreement between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the utility (Dominion Energy in this case) as far as what systems need to be upgraded or replaced such that a new 40-year license can be provided to the utility.
Jess graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering. Jess graduated from Auburn University with a masters in business administration. Jess’s hobbies include all things chess (tournaments, studying openings and defenses, and collecting boards and pieces), outdoor activities (kayaking and hiking), and indoor activities (gym, bible, Spanish, markets, and trading).