Photo of Tahara Franklin Tahara Franklin Academic Advisor I
Work 108 Rhines Hall 352-846-3315
Photo of Sterling Garcia Sterling Garcia Director of Development
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Photo of Will Gibson Will Gibson Research Administrator II
Work 177 Rhines Hall 352-273-2781
Photo of Kevin Gilley Kevin Gilley Laboratory and Safety Manager
Work 165 Rhines Hall 352-846-3339
Photo of Courtney Grasley Courtney Grasley Academic Advisor III
Work 108 Rhines Hall 352-846-3312
Photo of Mark Haberman Mark Haberman Maintenance Generalist II
Work 104 Rhines Hall (352) 273-0265
Photo of Ira Harkness Ira Harkness IT Manager
Work 104 Rhines Hall 352-846-3329
Photo of Ludie Harmon Ludie Harmon Program Assistant
Work 100 Rhines Hall 352-846-3331
Photo of Eric Hill Eric Hill End User Computing Specialist III
Work 104 Rhines Hall 352-273-1812
Photo of Nekia Jones Nekia Jones Administrative Support Assistant II
Work 100 Rhines Hall 352-294-1369
Photo of Adam Kadlec Adam Kadlec Fiscal Assistant I
Work 106 Rhines Hall (352) 846-3311
Photo of Rezzy Manning Rezzy Manning Research Administrator II
Work 106 Rhines Hall 352-846-3304
Photo of Joni Nattiel Joni Nattiel Human Resources Generalist I
Work 112 Rhines Hall 352-846-3769
Photo of Tanner Nestle Tanner Nestle Academic Support Assistant II
Work 108 Rhines Hall
Photo of Cory Spence-Thomas Cory Spence-Thomas Associate Director, Administrative Services
Home 106 Rhines Hall (352) 294-6784
Photo of Hollie Starr Hollie Starr Administrative Support Assistant I
Photo of Venice K. Walker Venice Walker Administrative Specialist I
Work 114 Rhines Hall 352-846-3367