Nuclear Engineering Student Shoutouts!

Aileen Sarceno
Doctoral student Aileen Sarceno uses manipulator arms to safely handle and examine radioactive materials contained in a shielded room.

We are pleased to highlight the accomplishments of nuclear engineering graduate students who recently received scholarships and internships. These individuals have shown outstanding dedication and skill in their studies and research. Join us in congratulating them on their hard work and dedication!


Weslee Kersey – DoD SMART Graduate Fellowship

Society Award

Kyle S. Latty – Society for Applied Spectroscopy – ATOMIC Student Award for outstanding graduate research in applied spectroscopy (international competition)


Aileen Sarceno – ANS Lineberry Scholarship
Caitlin Martin – ANS NEED Scholarship
Enrique Medici – ANS General Scholarship
Enrique Medici – DOE UNLP Scholarship

Internships/Training Programs

Caitlin Martin – NSSC-LANL Dr. G. Robert Keepin Nonproliferation Science Summer Program