MSE Student wins TMS Undergraduate Poster Award

MSE Junior Brittani Maskley won the Student Undergraduate Poster Award at The Minerals, Materials and Mining Society (TMS) annual symposium held February 14-18, 2016 in Nashville, TN.  Brittani Maskley is part of the University Scholars Program (USP) and Research Experience in Materials (REM), and has worked in Dr. Manuel’s group for over a year.  Her poster, “Microstructural Evolution and Aging Behavior in a Ni-21Ti-25Hf-4Al(at%) Alloy”, Brittani Maskley, Dr. Michael S. Kesler, Dr. Michele V. Manuel represents her research work. 




Brittani Poster Award 2016

Figure:  Brittani Maskley with her award winning poster at the TMS Symposium in Nashville, TN.