MSE Engineer honored in 2024 Gator100

The UF Alumni Association salutes the trailblazing Gator business leaders who have not only founded but also steered groundbreaking enterprises to success nationally and globally.

Join us in applauding Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering alumni for their well-deserved spots on the roster of the 2024 Gator100, the World’s Fastest Growing Gator Companies.

#7 Everest Ice and Water Systems

Dan DoromalDaniel Doromal
Degree: BSMSE ‘06
Job Title: VP of Operations
Location: Apopka, FL

About Everest Ice and Water Systems: In 2008, three men on a mission in Africa noticed a lack of clean water and refrigeration in many rural parts of the region. With this vital need to be filled, they decided to start a charitable program called Akoona, providing ice and water to those communities in need.

They needed a machine that could provide ice and water and be maintained easily “in the bush” – thus, the VersaVend barrel was born. The design was so efficient that it caught the attention of national parks in Africa that were looking to provide vended ice and water for visitors.

Operations eventually moved to Carnegie, Pennsylvania, where the Akoona ice and water vending equipment was manufactured by Jennison Ice for resale through a distribution network under the Akoona name as well as other custom brands. In 2016, the go-to-market strategy for the company shifted to a direct-to-end-user model, and the company was reborn as Everest.

What started as a small charitable endeavor is now a multimillion-dollar organization supplying ice and water vending machines on a global scale. We have seen many exciting changes throughout our growth, but the core values of our origins remain consistent in everything we do today. Just as the original company was founded to do, we still strive to provide clean water and fresh ice to communities all around the world.

From humble roots to one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in the country, Everest has seen exponential growth. In the past two years alone, demand for the Everest VX has been explosive, ranking it the most popular ice and water vending machine on the market. To meet that demand, Everest has increased its workforce by 172% since the beginning of 2021 and expanded its facilities by 300%.

Headquartered in Apopka, Florida, since 2019, Everest continues to grow and disrupt the industry with innovative technology and eco-friendly alternatives designed to make life easier and business better. Improvement means being open to change because success doesn’t come from stagnation. At Everest, We’re Always Climbing.