Materials Characterization Certificate

Materials Characterization Certificate

This certificate can be completed via EDGE. All students must apply to be admitted to the certificate program.


A certificate in Materials Characterization consists of three graduate online courses. The Survey of Materials Analysis Techniques (EMA6510) course covers various instrumentation and analysis techniques and is mandatory for certificate completion.

The following courses comprise the Materials Characterization Certificate:

EMA6510: Survey of Materials Analysis Techniques

Offered every fall, this course covers the principles, techniques and instruments used in the characterization of materials, including chemical, microstructural, and surface analysis of materials for metals, ceramics, polymers, and semiconductor systems. Research and industrial applications will be broadly presented and discussed.


The remaining courses can be any two of the following:

EMA6507: Scanning Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis

Offered every summer, this course is designed to introduce the theoretical concepts of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Electron Prop Microanalysis (EPMA), and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS). Topics covered include electron optics, electron beam-specimen interactions, instrument design, operational parameters, image formation and interpretation, specimen preparation, image processing, and data reduction and analysis of X-ray spectra.

EMA6518: Transmission Electron Microscopy

Offered every fall, this 3-credit course presents an introduction to transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and its applications to materials research. This course covers the following contents: introduction of TEM instrumentation; operating principles of TEM; fundamentals of electron optics; theory of electron diffraction and image formation; analytical TEM (EDS and EELS).

EMA 6516 – X-Ray Methods for Materials Characterization

Offered every spring, this course presents the fundamentals and basic geometries used for powder and thin film x-ray diffraction analysis and the appropriate techniques to solve various problems in materials science and engineering such as structure characterization, phase composition, grain size measurement, stress measurement, thin-film thickness, density and roughness measurements, texture and epitaxial quality.


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