Ilana Krause Wins Third Place at NACE

Congratulations to the winners of Student Poster Session! With more than 160 accepted posters, NACE had the largest turnout of students ever.

There were three winners in the categories of Mars Fontana (corrosion engineering), Harvey Herro (applied corrosion technology), and Marcel Pourbaix (corrosion science), along with the best undergraduate poster.

Please help us congratulate the 2017 winners!

Mars Fontana Prize for Corrosion Engineering

First Place: Raymond Santucci Jr., University of Virginia

Second Place: Rebecca Bay, The Ohio State University

Third Place: Leslie Daille, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Harvey Herro Prize for Applied Corrosion Technology

First Place: Xi Wang, The Ohio State University

Second Place: Catlin Dever, McMaster University

Third Place: Ilana Krause, University of Florida

Marcel Pourbaix Prize for Corrosion Science

First Place: Shujun Gao, Ohio University

Second Place: Matthew McMahon, University of Virginia

Third Place: Darren Feenstra, McMaster University

Best Undergraduate Poster

First Place: Reece Goldsberry, Texas A&M University