MSE Seminar: Eva Zurek, Ph.D.

Date(s) - 11/08/2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Rhines Hall 125


Eva Zurek, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Buffalo

Eva’s research is geared towards studying the electronic structure, properties and reactivity of a wide variety of materials using first-principles calculations. She is interested in high pressure science, superhard, superconducting, quantum and planetary materials, catalysis, as well as solvated electrons and electrides. Her group develops algorithms for the a priori prediction of the structures of crystals, interfaces them with machine learning models, and applies them in materials discovery. Eva has been interviewed by Scientific AmericanNPR’s Science Friday, and CBC’s Quirks and Quarks on recent breakthroughs in the search for a room temperature superconductor.