IDEA Coalition Seminar: The Power of Diverse Engineering Teams

Date(s) - 01/28/2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The Power of Diverse Engineering Teams

When engineering teams lack diversity, their solutions can fail to equitably serve the needs of communities from all demographics. In this interactive seminar, Dr. Curtis Taylor (Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) and Dr. Kevin Jones (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering) will lead a discussion about the problems that can arise when engineering teams design narrowly, how we can all incorporate elements of inclusive design to broaden our work and the wide range of benefits of inclusive design.

Discussion Questions

The seminar will be an interactive experience with group discussions periodically throughout the hour. Please take a few minutes to think about the questions below before the seminar.

  1. What examples of engineered products/solutions can you think of that do not meet the needs of all demographics equally well? 
    *Remember that demographics include: age, race, sex, gender identity, nationality, occupation, religion, etc.
  2. What examples can you think of engineered products/solutions that meet a range of needs from different demographics?
  3. What’s one way you can incorporate inclusive thinking and design into your next engineering project?


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