Emeritus Faculty

Photo of Anthony B. Brennan Brennan AnthonyEmeritus Faculty

Ph. D., 1990, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Research Interests: Biointerfaces, antifouling, polymer surfaces/modification, polymer networks, microtopographies, tissue engineering

Photo of Robert T. DeHoff DeHoff RobertEmeritus Faculty

Ph.D., 1959, Carnegie Mellon University

Photo of Laurie B. Gower Gower LaurieEmeritus Faculty

Ph. D., 1997, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Research Interests: Biomimetic synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid composite materials; biomineralization- processes and structure; biomimetic bone graft substitutes; kidney stone formation; phage display for bioelectronic materials interfaces

Lab Website: Gower Biomimetics Laboratory

Photo of Paul H. Holloway Holloway PaulEmeritus Faculty
Work 202-A Rhines Hall

Ph. D., 1972, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research Interests: Semiconductors; optoelectronic materials; surfaces and interfaces; phosphors; nanophosphors; atomic transport

Photo of Rolf E. Hummel Hummel RolfEmeritus Faculty
Work 317A Materials Science

Ph.D., 1963 Max-Planck Institute Stuttgart/Germany

Research Interests: Electrical Properties of Materials, Optical Properties of Materials, Semiconductors, Energetic Materials Detection, Spark-processing of Luminescent Materials, Differential Reflectometry, Electromigration and other failure mechanisms in thin film interconnects, Radiation Damage of Nuclear Materials, Ion Implantation.

Photo of Stephen J. Pearton Pearton StephenEmeritus Faculty
Work 343 Nuclear Sciences Building

Ph. D., 1983, University of Tasmania

Research Interests: Semiconductor processing, devices, thin film transistors, solid state sensors

Photo of Rajiv K. Singh Singh RajivEmeritus Faculty

Ph. D., 1989, North Carolina State University

Research Interests: Semiconductor Processing; Oxide thin films; III-V Semiconductors; Ultra-hard materials; Emerging advanced materials; laser processing

Photo of James S. Tulenko Tulenko JamesEmeritus Faculty

M. E., 1963, Mass. Inst. of Technology M.E.A. 1980, Geo. Washington Univ.

Research Interests: nuclear fuel cycle, focusing on the processing, fabrication and in core and excore performance of nuclear fuel, multi-scale simulation of nuclear Fuel, economic and environmental evaluation of all forms of electrical energy generation

Photo of Dow Whitney Whitney DowEmeritus Faculty