Dr. Chris Santana honored with MSE Distinguished Alumni Award

Chris Santana, Ph.D., Jim Baciak, Ph.D.
Chris Santana, Ph.D. (left) and Jim Baciak, Ph.D.

Dr. Chris Santana has been awarded the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award. Chris thoroughly enjoyed his college days and graduated with multiple degrees from the University of Florida. He entered into the Department of Materials Science & Engineering in 1987 and continued with the program until 1996 after completing his Ph.D. For his dissertation, Chris studied the nucleation and growth of Aluminum Gallium Phosphide on Silicon substrates using Molecular Beam Epitaxy. After graduation, he entered into industry where he has been involved with semiconductor manufacturing using molecular beam epitaxy for 20 years. He is currently the General Manager of the North Carolina-based manufacturing division of IQE and his team is responsible for supplying epiwafers primarily into the mobile wireless market.