Congratulations Drs. Antonio Webb and Josephine Allen on being awarded an NIH R01 grant

Congratulations to Drs. Webb and Allen for receiving an NIH R01 grant from the National Heart Lung Blood Institute.  The award, entitled “Nanocomposite drug eluting stents for inhibition of restenosis and thrombosis” will provide $1.8 million in support to their research groups over the next 5 years.  In this work, Drs. Webb and Allen seek to address the challenges associated with current drug eluting stent technology, specifically the susceptibility to late stent thrombosis that can lead to heart attacks or even death.  The focus of the grant is on the development of a biodegradable nanocomposite stent that can inhibit restenosis after angioplasty while also preventing thrombus formation. Development of such a stent has the potential to reduce the number of repeat vascular interventions, decrease mortality rates, and significantly reduce healthcare costs.

Drs. Webb and Allen both earned their Ph.D. degrees from Northwestern University in 2008 and 2009, respectively.  Both Dr. Webb and Dr. Allen are assistant professors in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.  Dr. Webb’s research interest are on the development of biocompatible polymers and their use in drug delivery, tissue engineering, and medical devices.  The Allen lab is working on various strategies utilizing material properties to control cellular processes, with particular emphasis on adult stem cell differentiation.  Her primary research objective is in the area of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.