NSF Award Helps UF Engineer Bring Cutting Edge 3D X-Ray Microscope System to UF

Amanda Krause, Ph.D.

Amanda Krause, Ph.D., assistant professor in the UF Department of Materials Science & Engineering, is employing artificial intelligence methods to track and catalogue data for her abnormal grain growth research, and thanks to new a $1.2 million research award from… Read More

Kevin Jones, Ph.D., Recognized with ASEE Outstanding Materials Educator Award

Kevin Jones, Ph.D. Ashby Teaching Award

For over 30 years, Kevin Jones, Ph.D., distinguished professor at the Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE), has taught students not only how to be better engineers, but also how engineering influences the world around them. In 2010 he… Read More



The Department of Materials Science & Engineering stands with our LGBTQIA+ community. Together as one family, we are committed to activism in the fight against prejudice and injustice. We will work by lifting, listening, and championing LGBTQIA+ voices and being… Read More