2023-2024 Departmental Scholarship Winners

There are countless reasons why a student may require financial assistance. Between textbooks, tuition, rent, and food, the costs can add up quickly. Now more than ever, scholarships and awards play a pivotal role in alleviating the financial strains for the deserving students fortunate enough to receive them.

While academic awards come in various shapes and sizes, each helps provide valuable support to our students. Of course, these gifts would not be possible without the generous supporters who have either established a scholarship or donated to these funds over the years.

Congratulations to the following students on their awards and having distinguished themselves as academics and as leaders within the department.


Materials Science & Engineering Scholarship Recipients

F.N. Rhines and W.R. Tarr Scholarship

Alexandre Bordas

Shornam Gandhi

Justin M

Garret Young


Jonathan Hack Memorial Scholarship for Materials Science

Caitlyn Rineer

Bowen Su


Richard G. Connell Scholarship

Cameron Chan

Morgan Congdon

Skye Sisco

Adriana LaVopa


Robert David Adamson Scholarship

Shannon Gerard

Aris Graber

Jason Jaquith

Steph Meikle

Gregory Peiirs


Robert E. Reed-Hill Scholarship

Maxwell David

Adrian Gonzalez Socorro

Peter Mejia


Vladimir Grodsky Memorial Fund Scholarship

Olivia Miller


Wolf Research Fund

Nathan Grinalds


Students awarded department professional development funds in 2023-24

The department offers financial support for professional development endeavors, including travel grants for conference participation and training initiatives, available to both MSE and NE students pursuing extracurricular activities. These valuable opportunities are made possible through the generous contributions of dedicated donors.

Botic Family Scholars Professional Pathways Program Departmental Award

Olivia Lancaster

Aileen Sarceno

Brandon Bohanon

Juan Valderrama

Reese Amos

William Sawyer

Brooke Lastinger

Aris Graber

Morgan Congdon


Bette and Paul Holloway Scholarship Fund

Aris Graber

Adriana LaVopa

Sihang Hui

Nathan Arndt

Grace Watts

Logan Hoskins


Ric Perez Fund for Student Professional Enhancements

Fred Anduze

Juan Echeverri

Yenan Leyva


Ed Dugan ANS Professional Excellence Fund

Mark Johnson

Fred Anduze

Gentry Trimble

Kervin Coss Flores

Adam Pimentel

Shannon Gerard

Nuclear Engineering Scholarship Recipients


Alan M. Jacobs Memorial Scholarship

Caitlin Martin

Mia Narinejit

Jack Curley

Kai Schulte


James E. Swander Memorial Scholarship

Emily Grunger

Emily Kwapis

Aileen Sarceno


N. L. Griesheimer Memorial Scholarship

Caitlyn Martin


Ohanian Scholarship

Daniel Fernandez

Enrique Medici

Jacob Wisienski


Roberto Pagano Memorial Scholarship

Fred Anduze

Brandon Bohanon

Justin Borrero

Cade Finney

Kyle Latty

Joshua Manuel

Hannah Patz

William St. Peter

Students who received prestigious awards, scholarships and other recognition from outside of the department. 


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Steph Meikle

Alexandre Bordas

Thiago Arnaud

Marissa Kelley


University Nuclear Leadership Program Scholarship (NEUP)

Cade Finney

Enrique Medici

Kai Schulte


University Nuclear Leadership Program Fellowship

Bao-Phong Nguyen