2021-2022 Departmental Scholarship Winners

There are countless reasons why a student might need financial aid. Books, tuition, rent, food – the expenses add up quickly, so these scholarships and awards can make a considerable difference for the students who receive them. While academic awards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one helps provide valuable support to our students. Of course, these gifts would not be possible without the generous supporters who have either established a scholarship or have donated to these funds over the years. Their altruism cannot be overstated.


Materials Science & Engineering scholarship recipients

F.N. Rhines and W.R. Tarr Scholarship

Charles D’Ambra

Shornam Gandhi

Dominick Sylvia

Garrett Toenjes


Jonathan Hack Memorial Scholarship for Materials Science

Danielle Alverson

Yuan Liu

Nagarajan Rajagopal


Richard G. Connell Scholarship

Alexander Bordas

Noah Caracuel

Miles Kendall


Robert David Adamson Scholarship

Ashley Baringer

Mauricio Ceballos

Noah Molko

Kade Nelson

Jason Schibler

Julinna Villarta


Robert E. Reed-Hill Scholarship

Gavin Latham

Vaness Ritota

Peter Toma


Vladimir Grodsky Memorial Fund Scholarship

Mitchell Shields


Wolf Research Fund

Nagarajan Rajagopal

Nuclear Engineering scholarship recipients


Alan M. Jacobs Memorial Scholarship

Madison Bushloper

Kervin CossFlores

Jacob Hunt

Tyler Mark


James E. Swander Memorial Scholarship

Emily Kwapis

Kyle Latty


N.L. Griesheimer Memorial Scholarship

Kaylee Cunningham

Caitlin Martin


Ohanian Scholarship

Paul McIntyre

Claudia TaricheFortes


Roberto Pagano Memorial Scholarship

Jonathan Arnaud

Virginia Lucas

Mitchell Mika

Seth Netterstrom

Aileen Sarceno


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Kaylee Cunningham