Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee


Please read the following instructions carefully before continuing.

Removing a Committee Member

If you are submitting this form due to removal of a committee member, you must also submit the committee change request form. Print the form, have the member to be removed sign it, and turn it in to the Academic Office. You can submit this (Supervisory Committee Form) in the meantime, but the change will not be processed until the signed Removal Form is received. This is simply to ensure that the Committee member in question is aware of the change.

Committee members must be designated by the Graduate School as Graduate Faculty. Otherwise they are designated as Special Appointment.

Special Appointment Committee Member

If you have a special appointment before submitting this form you must MUST submit that person’s C.V. (resume), social security number, and mailing address to the Academic Office. Your appointment cannot be processed without this paperwork.

Masters Students (Thesis Option) are required to have a Chairperson and two Committee Members from the Materials Sciences & Engineering Department.

Masters Students (Non-Thesis Option) are required to have a Chairperson only from the Materials Department.

Ph.D. Students are required to have a Chairperson, three Committee Members from the Materials Department, and an External Member.

The Chairperson must be from our Department. The External Member (PhD only) must be a Graduate Faculty Member AND must be from outside this Department.

All questions can be directed to the Academic Office in 108 Rhines Hall, (352) 846-3312

You will be emailed a copy of your responses only if you enter your email address on the form.