The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers students an opportunity to integrate classroom instruction with practical work experience. The program gives students the opportunity to verify academic and vocational interests, gain valuable experience in the chosen field prior to graduation, and earn income that can be used to defray college expenses.

Internships can be related to the academic major or career field interest. The work experience may be conducted under approved industrial, business, institutional or governmental agency supervision. Intern positions are expected to enhance the student’s education. Positions not acceptable for internship are blue-collar work, technician, data entry, clerical, part-time, etc.

Internships are usually applied for one term at a time. Students interested in registering for academic credit during an internship should utilize the following form: Request for Internship. Students must secure permission from the Department to participate in any internship. Since most MSE major courses are taught only once annually, students who intern during Fall/Spring semester of the academic year must file an academic plan for approval from the Academics Service Office.

If academic credit is sought, the student will register for EMA 4949, and also submit the following forms no later than 5 PM on the last day of classes for any given semester:

Students interested in Co-op employment may find additional guidance through UF’s Career Resource Center.

 International Student Internships

  Curricular Practical Training

Before completion of the degree requirements and only if it is stated in the student’s degree requirements that an internship or practicum is needed to finish the degree (guidelines also available at the ISS front office.) There has to be a course available to register for the internship, co-op or practicum. Curricular Practical training is granted per “semester” and can not exceed twelve months as a total. If it exceeds this time, it counts against Optional Practical Training. Before making CPT or OPT practical training request, you must stop by UFIC to pick up a complete information package which will tell you the exact steps to take and will provide you with the right forms to be filled.