Materials Science Certificate

Materials Science Certificate

This certificate can be completed via EDGE.


Materials Certificate Program for graduate students

A certificate in Materials Science consists of five online courses. The following courses comprise the Materials Science Certificate:

Core Courses (Required):

  • EMA6313 — Advanced Materials Principles I
  • EMA6316 — Thermodymnamics
  • EMA6136 — Diffusion, Kinetics and Transport

Select two additional courses from below:

  • EMA6938 — Advanced Materials Principles II
Polymer Materials Concentration
  • EMA6667 — Polymer Processing
  • EMA6165 — Polymer Physical Sciences
    EMA6808 — Error Analysis and Optimization Methodologies
Structural Materials Concentration
  • EMA6625 — Advance Metals Processing
  • EMA6808 — Error Analysis and Optimization Methodologies
    EML6934C — Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design
    EAS6242 — Advanced Structural Composites
Biomaterials Concentration
  • EMA6580 — Biomaterials
  • EMA6165 — Polymer Physical Science


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