MSE Spring 2020 Courses

Class NumberCourseSyllabusInstructorTitle of CourseCreditsDaysPeriodLocation
13690, 13691, 13713, 13714EMA3000LRuzyckiSophmore Matrials Laboratory1M3-4
23767EMA3010BasimMaterials3MWF7NEB 201
13719EMA3010Allen Materials 3TR7, 7-8FLG 0285
23766EMA3010Nino Materials 3TR3-4, 3AND 0034
13717EMA3010Saleem Materials 3MWF3CSE E121
13718EMA3010SaleemMaterials3MWF6TUR L011
13720EMA3011Andrew Fundamental Principles of Materials 3MWF7FLG 0280
13721, 13747, 13748, 13749, 13750EMA3013CRuzyckiMaterials Lab 22
13751EMA3413XueElectronic Properties of Materials3TR4, 45-FLG 0280
13752, 13754, 13776, 13777EMA3513CJonesAnalysis of the Structure of Materials 4
13808EMA3800Basim Error Analyses and Optimization Methodologies in Materials Research 3MWF2FLG 0280
23593, 23754EMA4020LFuchsMetallurgy Laboratory 1
13809EMA4062Webb Biopolymers: Manufacture, Stability and Biocompatibility 3MWF4WEIL 0234
13811EMA4125Tonks Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing 3MWF2FAB 0103
13813EMA4223KrauseMechanical Behavior of Materials 3T, R2, 2-3FLG 0260, TUR L005
13814EMA4224SaleemPhysical Metallurgy 2 3T, R4-5, 5TUR 2350, MCCA 2186
DEPTEMA4414LGilaElectronic Materials Laboratory 1M,W6-8
13840EMA4462GowerPloymer Characterization3MWF5TUR 2336
13841EMA4615PeartonCompound Semiconductor Materials3MWF2NEB 0100
23592EMA4623FuchsProcess Metallurgy3T, R8-9, 9
13843EMA4714ZaluzecMaterials Selection and Failure Analysis3T, R7, 6-7
13845EMA4916Latorre Integrated Product and Process Design Program 2 3T8-10TUR L007
26252EMA4935MillerSpecial TopicsVARM,W,F3
DEPTEMA4949MecholskyCo-Op Work Experience1
13876EMA6114Phillpot Properties of Functional Materials 3MWF2NEB 0102
13880EMA6136Hennig Diffusion, Kinetics, and Transport Phenomena 3T, R4, 4-5NEB 0201
13910EMA6412PeartonSynthesis and Characterization of Electronic Materials 3MWF2NEB 0100
13935EMA6461GowerPolymer Characterization 3MWF5TUR 2336
13936EMA6516Schepker X-Ray Methods for Materials Characterization 3T, R7, 7-8CSE E107
23896EMA6625FuchsAdvanced Metals Processing 3MWF7CSE E112
13969EMA6936Manuel Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering 1T8LAR 0310
22658EMA6938Miller Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering: Advanced Mechanical Metallurgy VARMWF3
DEPTEMA6941Mecholsky Supervised Teaching VARW6WEIL 0273