Immigration Information

Immigration Information

Sponsorship Request by completing the sponsorship form for H-1B or R-3 page for J-1: complete and send to College HR for review: must include copy of CV (English).  Submit documentation to  Please keep in mind that Postdocs are sponsored on J-1 or F-1/EAD.

If paid by UF: Foreign degree evaluation: Foreign degrees will require a degree equivalency from an education credential evaluation service. If the department is going to pay for the foreign degree evaluation please go to the following website. Foreign degrees will require a degree equivalency from a foreign educational credential evaluation service. Please see for a listing of approved companies.

Department responsibilities: sponsorship request/R-3, provide CV, distribution, manage day-to-day of employee and training. 

College HR responsibilities: Generate Offer Letter, Entity and Visual Compliance listings, Background Checks, Submit Hire ePAF, Immigration Application and Tax Documents, I-9 Management, Obtain Transcript from New Employee and load to SACS Secure Site by department, Notify hiring department once hire process is complete. 

Download College of Engineering checklists for J-1 and H-1B