Today’s NE Seminar with Seungjin Kim , Ph.D. has been canceled.

Date(s) - 03/12/2020
1:50 pm - 2:50 pm

Rhines Hall 125


While significant efforts have been made to investigate two-phase flows in vertical upward channels, limited work has been performed to study the effects stemming from geometric configurations on two-phase flow transport.  This presents significant shortcomings in the application of predictive models to practical systems, including nuclear power reactors.  In the presentation, results obtained from various separate-effects test facilities to address the geometric effects on two-phase flow transport will be presented.  These include: effects of varying orientations and flow restrictions on two-phase flow transport; effects of inlet geometry in co-current vertical downward two-phase flow; effects of pipe sizes in horizontal two-phase flow; and interfacial area transport modeling. An extensive local two-phase flow database established by the four-sensor conductivity probe in various two-phase flow conditions is presented along with flow visualization studies.  Predictive models developed to account for various geometric effects in two-phase flow transport are presented, along with predictions made by the interfacial area transport equation to demonstrate feasibility of interfacial area transport equation in system analysis code.