Department Clean Out Day

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is having a Clean Out Day on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

Surplus Equipment

Department and surplus staff will be stationed at the south area of Rhines Hall by the garage door and gas cage from 8:00AM until 12:00PM. We will have a truck ready to load equipment. Dollies and carts will be available to use in removing equipment from your laboratories.

Any equipment requiring EH&S approval or freon removal can not be picked up on clean out day. Please speak with department staff about scheduling disposal on a different day.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Please use this day to check your laboratory for expired chemicals or chemicals that your research group will never need again. You can submit a hazardous waste pickup request form located at

Documents (Public Records)

Florida law states that the disposition of public records may include either destruction or transfer to the custody of the University Archives. There are two general requirements for disposing of public records.

  1. You must ensure that the records have met all retention requirements; knowledge of disposal eligibility of the responsibility of the office; and
  2. You must document internally the disposition of any public records in your custody

We have created a pre-filled template for you to assist in efficient disposal of common records found in the department, such as graded homework, exams, etc.

Documents may be brought to Rhines 108 (Student Academic Services) for proper disposal.

Please plan to spend a few minutes completing the Disposition Request Form with inclusive dates and categories of documents delivered. We will have the forms available in Rhines 108. Common categories are below.

Common Categories

Full List of General Records Schedule GS5 for Public Universities and Colleges

  • Examination Materials: Graduation/Certification (Item #100)
    • Examinations taken by students in classes required for certification or graduation. This includes examination responses as recorded on bubble answer sheets, scantrons, or any other format, test questions, answer keys, and test administration instructions.
    • Retention: 1 anniversary year after final class grades posted provided no appeal is pending
  • Student Class Work Records (Item #107)
    • Term papers, homework, lab projects, and other class work materials. Class work in the possession of a student is not a public record.
    • Retention: Retain until obsolete


Please come by Rhines 104 or email