Did You Know … ?

  • Bioglass®, the first man-made substance known to bond with living human bone and soft tissue, was invented by an MSE faculty member.
  • More than 2 million intraocular lenses are implanted each year. An MSE faculty member created the surface modification process that makes successful implantation easier.
  • Blue lasers will revolutionize optical data storage and telecommunications. The first room-temperature, optically pumped blue laser was developed by an MSE faculty member. The department has a nationally recognized program to develop semiconductors that lase in the blue region of the spectrum.
  • MSE students are studying and participating in the development of the next generation of advanced materials for jet and automobile engines, computer chips, telecommunications, and medical implants.
  • Using devices such as the Atomic Force Microscope, MSE scientists and engineers can actually see atoms, the basic building blocks of all matter. Through a process called Molecular Beam Epitaxy, department researchers and students are literally building devices atom by atom to precisely control the device functions.
  • MSE faculty members have received nine Teacher of the Year Awards from the College of Engineering for excellence in teaching and advising students.
  • MSE students have won the National TMS Student Chapter of Excellence Award for 25 consecutive years.